Ceremony for Empowering Your Personal BoS


  • Holy water
  • Cleansing incense of your choice
  • 2 white candles
  • White sheet
  • Large hand-drawn pentacle
  • 9 foot long cord
  • Your Book of Shadows
  • Solid colored clothing

On a full or new moon, place the white sheet over your altar and set the pentacle in the center. Place your Book of Shadows on top, opened to the first page. Place the white candles on either side of the book and drape the cord on the book and over the altar.

Take a spiritual bath and dress in something loose and non-flammable of a solid color.

Create sacred space in the room by cleansing it with the four elements.

Fumigate the pages with incense. Pass the candle flame over the book three times carefully. Sprinkle the book with holy water.

Light the white candles, asking Spirit to bless this sacred rite. Hold your hands over the book, and say:
“Gracious Lord and Lady, who guide the universe ever toward peace and harmony, who guard and protect your hidden children of the Craft of the Wise, who bring transformation and joy to all serious seekers, hear me. Bless and consecrate this book in your names that I may always walk in the path of the light, that the words written here take shape and form in this world and in the worlds beyond so that they may ever function in the service of peace, love, prosperity, protection, happiness, and harmony. With the utterance of each syllable in the direction of the light, may my power and wisdom grow. Please protect this book of magick so that it will not be taken from me and destroyed, and if circumstances remove it from my possession, I ask that the power be returned to Spirit. If it is taken without my permission, burned, or destroyed, may that person know your names for lifetimes to come, and may their ignorance be stripped from them. I know you will do this for me. As I will, so mote it be.”

Draw an invoking earth pentagram in the air over the pages, then blow softly on the book three times, visualizing the sacred breath of divinity entering the pages.

Seal by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the book.

Close it and wrap it loosely with the cord and again drawl the seal.

When you work with the book, wear the cord to symbolize your connection to the essence of Spirit.