Cauldron Ritual to Move On


  • Cauldron
  • Spring water
  • Your favorite skin-safe magickal oil
  • White rose petals
  • New wooden spoon
  • 13 white votive candles
  • White taper candle with what is lost inscribed on it
  • Box of tissue
  • 1 yard each thin red, white and black ribbons
  • Black cloth

Cast a magick circle and call the quarters.

Place the cauldron and all supplies in the center of the circle. Surround the cauldron with the thirteen unlit candles. As you lay out the candles, say:
“The first for the blessings of Spirit.
The second for combined energy of the Lord and Lady.
The third for the unity of the sacred triad.
The fourth for love that never dies.
The fifth for all of the elements — earth, air, water, fire, and Spirit.
The sixth to honor memories past.
The seventh for the safe journey forward and changes I will encounter.
The eighth to build for the future.
The ninth to grant all wishes.
The tenth for endings free to pain.
The eleventh to master all fear.
The twelfth to bring happiness near.
The thirteenth to dispel all evil.
So mote it be.”

Tie the ribbons onto the handle of the spoon, saying:
“Red for the blood of life, white for the purity of Spirit, black to repel all negativity.”

Pour the water into the cauldron, saying:
“Water cleanses and renews. Water washes away pain and sorrow. Water blesses and creates harmony.”

With the oil, draw a pentacle on your forehead, then put three drops into the water. Stir the water three times with the spoon in a clockwise direction, saying:
“Once for love, twice for joy, three times for harmony. The cauldron is blessed.”

Add the rose petals to the water, then stir the water with the spoon in a clockwise direction three times, repeating:
“Once for love, twice for joy, three times for harmony.”

Recite the Charge of the Star Goddess, which invokes the energy of deity, as you hold your hands over the cauldron. Once finished, light the candles, one at a time, remarking again what each is for. Light the taper candle and say:
“Bring forth, Great Lady, a new day, a time of laughter and joy, a time of happiness and love.
May the blessings of Spirit be ever upon me now, and in times to come.
So mote it be.”

If you are in an area where the burning candles can safely remain lit, you can let them burn out. If this is not the case, then, with the back of the spoon, snuff each of the candle, again repeating what they are for. Allow the inscribed candle to burn completely.

Thank deity, release the quarters, release the circle, and pour the water outside of your property.

If you had to put out the candles, wrap them and the spoon in black cloth. Place under your bed.

If this has been a particularly bad time for you, repeat the ritual with the same materials in thirty days.

If you have done this ritual as a gift for someone else, give them the spoon with instructions for its safekeeping.