Cast a Circle


  • 5 candles
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Incense
  • White cord

Lay the cord around the perimeter of your temple, making sure the two ends overlap. Light the candles, beginning with the altar candle and walking deosil from the north through east, south, west and back to north, lighting the candles as you go.

Seat yourself before the altar and center yourself.

When you are centered, take the container of water in one hand and describe the seal of the invoking pentagram of Earth over it. Using your visualization technique, you will see the pentagram in vivid electric-blue light. Then infuse water with it. Replace the container of now-charged water and do the same with the salt. Then mix the salt into the water. This is now consecrated water.

Walk the boundary of the circle, from north to north, being conscious of the understanding and the vision of what this circle is. Walk slowly so you can control the process involved in the casting of the circle.

Summon the guardian of the gate of Earth by tracing the invoking pentagram of earth with your hand at the northern compass point of your circle. Summon the guardian of Air with the relevant invoking pentagram at the eastern compass point of your circle. Do likewise for Fire at the southern point and for Water at the western point.

Now take the time to sit and contemplate your place of ritual and what you have achieved.

That area will not be the same once you have worked it.

When you have given yourself adequate time in this manner, go to the gate of Earth and silently honor the power of that element before you describe the relevant banishing pentagram; likewise for the elements.

Extinguish your altar candle and break the seal of the circle by opening the cord.

To ground and center yourself after ritual, you can do one of two things: stand with your legs akimbo and breathe your energy into the floor or earth, or eat.