Candle Spell to Help Choose Your Classes


  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Flat piece of stone
  • White candle
  • Your choices written on paper
  • Your favorite oil

Put the papers under the stone. With the chalk, draw a circle on the face of the stone. Draw a square within the circle.

Dress the candle with your favorite oil. Place the candle in the center of the square. Cast a magick circle and invoke deity. Hold your hands over the candle and chant the word “wisdom” as you ground and center.

Light the candle and then repeat the following words:
“Rise up for me, O flame of love.
Bring blessings — hundreds — from above.
Help me make this difficult choice
Put magick in my form and voice.
Clear my path with light so bright
Let not confusion blind my sight.
My tasks in life will shine with fire
And wisdom sung from angel choirs.
Will circle ’round this task of art
As truth resides within my heart.
The road is long and paths are many
I’ll find mine own, there won’t be any
Wrong turns or red lights that shouldn’t be there
I’ll finish in excellence with love to spare.”

Thank deity and release the magick circle. Allow the candle to burn completely.

Make your choice (if you haven’t already), then find a copy machine and make a copy of the paperwork. Hand in the original and keep the copy with the candle end in a safe place.

If you used a seven-day glass candle, keep the copy in the empty glass throughout the school year.

When you need help with a particular course of study, empower a penny and throw it in the glass holder, asking for additional blessings on your choices.