Cancer Energy Spell


  • Bowl of water
  • 3 jade stones
  • 13 new dimes
  • Green conjuring bag

Time: Monday, moon hour, sun or moon in Cancer, full moon

Empower the bowl of water under the full moon. If you can, capture the reflection of the moon in the water for at least thirty minutes.

Slowly drop each dime in the water, making your intention clear. Wait until the water still then drop another dime. Complete the process until you use all the dimes. Hold your hands over the bowl and repeat your request. In the air over the bowl, draw the sigil for the moon and the sigil for Cancer.

Take the three stones and the dimes and place them in a green conjuring bag. Keep the bag with you until the request manifests.

Sprinkle the water at the threshold of all the doors leading to the outside, repeating your petition.