Calling for Restraint Spell


  • 7 inch length of pipe
  • Caps for both ends
  • Paper
  • Black candle
  • White candle
  • Nail
  • Coffee grounds
  • 1 fresh egg
  • Picture of the perpetrator or their full name and a taglock (if possible)

During a fourth quarter moon, gather all your supplies and place them on your altar.

Cleanse, consecrate, and empower to bind the negativity present in this situation associated with that person and then state your intent to banish that negative energy.

Light the black candle, asking Spirit to banish all negativity from your life. Light the white candle, asking Spirit to bring harmony and happiness into your life.

Seal one end of the pipe. Put the threatening individual's name, picture, or taglock (or all three if available) into the tube. Say:
"You have begun your descent."

Pour the coffee grounds on top. Say:
"The darkness you have created is bound to you.
I do not own your darkness.
You own your own darkness.
You may no longer share this darkness with myself or others."

Place the egg on top, saying:
"As this egg rots, so shall your negative energy be destroyed, and your evil shall be banished. The process begins now!"

Stick the nail into the egg, saying:
"This spell is sealed!"

Cap the pipe and carefully seal it with the wax of the black candle.

Bury it off your property, preferably close to a crossroads.