Cakes and Ale Ceremony


  • Cakes
  • Ale/Juice
  • Athame

One covener is responsible for keeping the goblet filled. At the start of this rite he fills it and says:
"Now is the time for us to give thanks to the gods for that which sustains us."

Priest: "So be it. May we ever be aware of all that we owe to the gods."

The Priestess calls two coveners by name, one male and one female. They come and stand before the altar. The female takes the goblet in both hands and holds it between her breasts. The male takes his athame and holds the handle between his two palms, with the blade pointing down. He slowly lowers the point into the wine, with the words:
"In like fashion may male join with female, for the happiness of both."

Female Member: "Let the fruits of union promote life. Let all be fruitful and let wealth be spread throughout all lands."

He raises athame. She holds goblet for him to drink, then he holds it for her to drink. Goblet is then passed around the Circle for all to drink, Priest and Priestess drinking last.

The male covener takes up plate of cakes and holds them before him. The female touches each of them with the point of her athame, and says:
"This food is the blessing of the gods to our bodies. Let us partake of it freely. And, as we share, let us remember always to see to it that aught that we have we share with those who have nothing."

She takes a cake and eats it, then takes the plate and offers to the male, who takes and eats. The cakes are passed around the Circle, Priest and Priestess taking last. Male and Female coveners return to their places in the Circle.

Priestess: "As we enjoy these gifts of the gods, let us remember that without the gods we would have nothing."

Priest: "Eat and drink. Be happy. Share and give thanks. So Mote It Be."

All: "So Mote It Be!"

All now sit and, if desired, individual goblets may be filled and a general repast enjoyed. This is a good time for talk and discussion; for advice and questioning.