Caduceus Spell for Resolving a Fight


  • Holy water
  • A forked branch
  • Something small and disposable belonging to both individuals in the quarrel

In the dirt outside of your home, trace a circle on the ground that is large enough for you to stand in as well as roomy enough to draw in the dirt. After you have cast your magick circle, roughly sketch the caduceus symbol with the single end of the forked branch in the dirt at your feet in the center of the circle. On one side of the drawing, write the name of one person. On the other side, write the name of the other individual. Place the items matching the people under their names.

Point the forked end of the stick at the sky, and say:
"I beseech and call upon thee, O mighty (name of divinity), in the hour of my need. It is I, (your name), who seek the wisdom and strength of your counsel. Behold the ancient symbol of caduceus, that which resolves the arguments of man and beast and brings harmony into this life. I ask thee, great (name of divinity), to activate this symbol and to find resolution between (say the names of the two people) in your name."

Breathe on the drawing three times, and say:
"With sacred breath I cleanse all wounds."

Point the forked end of the stick toward the drawing, chanting as many times as you feel necessary:
"The Witch, the power, the magick, the flame; no one loses, everyone gains, harmony reigns."

Sprinkle the holy water on both names. Say:
"With the power of Spirit, I break the hate."

Again point the stick at the drawing, and say:
"Sun to moon, and moon to sun, the evil is broken, and harmony won! As I will, it has been done. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse."

Thank divinity and dismiss the circle. Lay the stick over the drawing with the forked end up and pointed end down. Leave this place knowing that your work is finished.