Caduceus Spell for Gaining Wisdom


  • Empty notebook
  • Black marker
  • Piece of overhead transparency paper
  • Cellophane tape
  • Silver glitter

On the second page of the notebook, write down your problem, or what type of wisdom you are trying to reach. Just the word wisdom is okay, too, if you can't seem to put your desire into words. Sprinkle the word with silver glitter. Draw the caduceus symbol on the overhead transparency sheet. Draw a square around the caduceus, and a circle around the square. In this picture the circle represents the spiritual plane and the square represents the material one. Carefully lay the transparency over the words you wrote. Tape the ends so that the glitter will not escape.

Cast the magick circle and call the quarters. Carry the notebook to the center of the circle and ask for the divine blessing of Spirit. Then walk to each quarter, asking for wisdom from the four elements. Lay the book on your altar. Hold your hands over the drawing, and say:
"North and south, east and west,
Wisdom comes at my bequest."

Repeat this chant seven times. When you are finished, blow on the drawing three times, close the book, and draw an equal-armed cross in the air over the notebook. Thank deity and the elemental energies. Dismiss the quarters and take up the circle. Place the notebook someplace where it will not be disturbed. The answer you need will appear shortly, but be sure to look for it. Sometimes ordinary occurrences are very magickally driven.