Break Up a Couple


  • Chicken heart
  • Scissors
  • Spoon
  • Matches
  • Wooden box
  • White envelope
  • 2 stick figure drawings

On the night of a full moon, get a chicken heart. On a piece of paper, draw two stick figures, one of the man and one of the woman you want to break up, write their full names under each figure, then take some scissors and cut them apart.

Carry the two stick people papers outside with you, take the spoon and dig a hole in the ground, it doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to place the chicken heart. Place the heart in the ground and look up at the moon, take the stick figure of the person you love and hold it next to your heart.

Take the other stick figure and burn it with a match while saying:
“The one I burn go away, go away (person’s full name) the one I don’t burn I hold next to my heart stay with me (person’s full name) till death do us part. Oh mother Isist grant me my wish for my soul mate and me.”

Now do all this while looking at the moon and make your wish. After you make a wish, cover the heart with dirt and say:
“Thank you mother Isist, my name is (your name). Thank you for granting my wish.”

Then go inside your house and put your love’s stick picture in a white envelope and then in a wooden box, don’t let anyone see this. You must keep the box of his or her stick figure for as long as you do the spell, even after you have him.

If you ever decide you don’t want him anymore, stop doing the spell and burn all the papers you have.