Bowl Reversal Spell


  • Large paper bowl
  • Black marker
  • Red candle
  • White candle
  • Black candle

In a magick circle, write the incantation below on the inside of a paper bowl, starting with a circle in the middle and then spiraling out. Place on the altar. Light the black candle first, followed by the red, the by the white. Say:
"The void, the action, the spirit of harmony, I invoke thee now!"

Now read the incantation:
"Overturned, overturned, overturned, overturned, overturned is the Earth and the heaven, overturned are the stars and the planets, overturned is the gossip of the people, overturned is the curse of he or she who stands in the open field and in the town, and on the mountain and in the churches, and in the city and in the suburbs, in the home and in the place of business. In the name of Hecate, Dark Queen of the Witches, whomever transgresses against me shall be bound by their own negativity and banished as the rays of the sun banish the mists in the valley. All that is of the Earth calls and all that is of the heavens obeys! I implore our Lady, who is the voice of all the heavens and of all the Earth, of the stars and the heavenly bodies, and who receives all souls from this world. Should I have brought this upon myself with my own fear, overturn this negative energy and replace it with harmony. I know you will do this for me. So mote it be."

Carefully, so as not to start a fire, drip the black wax over the incantation and say:
"All negative energies that oppose or surround me are banished back to the void."

Drip the red wax, saying:
"By the action of my words."

Drip the white wax on the red, saying:
"By the hand of Spirit, this spell is sealed. So mote it be."

Bury the bowl off of your property and seal with an equal-armed cross in the dirt.