Bottle of Luck


  • 7 green candles
  • Patchouli incense
  • Green glass bottle or pot
  • Symbols of luck (for example: old lottery ticket, rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, or the number 7 cut out of cardboard)
  • 7 coins of one, five or ten hundredths

Light your seven candles and incense.

Then, fill your pot or bottle with all the symbols of luck that you gathered, as well as with the coins. Raise the bottle towards the sky and speak this invocation aloud:
“Ram Chance
Ram Fortune hear me,
Let your breath enter my bottle.
Let everywhere the luck be with me.”

Close the bottle and seal it with green wax.

Before leaving to play any games of chance, or if you need extra luck for some endeavor, agitate your bottle so that luck will accompany you.