Bottle of Love


  • Pink glass bottle or pot
  • Flowers and petals of fresh or dried flowers
  • Grasses (mint, rosemary, thyme, bark of orange) dried or fresh
  • Honey (approximately ¼ cup)
  • White alcohol (approximately 1 cup of vodka, gin or rum)
  • Water, sufficient to finish filling the bottle
  • Pink wax

Fill your bottle with the flowers and grasses, and while adding them, concentrate on love, its pleasures and all the people you like. Pay careful attention to keeping your thoughts on the pleasures and joy of love because these are, to some extent, the thoughts you will be placing into the bottle.

Mix the alcohol and honey before pouring the whole on the grasses and flowers. Next, fill the bottle with water and seal it with pink wax carefully.

Take the bottle in your hands and speak aloud the following:
“I filled my bottle with thoughts of love and affection. They are there now for always and they will attract towards me love and feelings soft so that I am always loved.”

When you sense ill feelings from others, go to your bottle and agitate it gently. This will reactivate the enchantment.