Blessing of the Ancients


  • 1 green candle
  • 1 yellow candle
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 blue candle
  • Frankincense incense
  • Pentacle
  • Bay leaf oil

This is a coming into one's self ritual for teens, those that are scared of going out into the world, or going off to college, even for those starting high school. They need to know that someone is watching out for them, and to have confidence in themselves as well.

Call Upon the Elements
Light the green candle at the North point of the pentacle, saying: "Bless the ground walked upon and protect me."

Light the yellow candle at the East point, saying: "Bless the wind and give rise to dreams."

Light the red candle at the South point, saying: "Bless passion, yet remain clear minded."

Light the blue candle at the West point, saying: "Bless with soothing calmness and peace."

Directly in the center of the pentacle, light frankincense incense for it is cleansing for the mind.

Call Upon the Deities
"Athena, guard me with sword and shield; grant wisdom."

"Artemis, guard me with bow and staff; grant compassion."

"Hecate, guard me while life's journeys are made."

"Hades, if one should fall and enter your realm, guard me well until life fills me once again."

"Persephone, as you stand by your husband, stand by and protect me."

Bestow the Blessing
"Blessed am I."

"Blessed am I by all the gods and goddesses."

"Blessed am I by the ancients; holders of all power, knowledge and wisdom."

Using bay leaf oil, draw a pentacle upon your forehead, saying:
"I am now blessed by the ancients; I will use my talents, use them wisely; I believe in myself, for I am loved and protected."

Think about the ritual; let the candles and incense burn out by itself.