Blessing House Plants


  • Spring water
  • Your favorite incense
  • Fertilizer
  • Plant

Time: When the moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces

Place the plant and all supplies on the altar, or where the plant is under direct sunlight. Clap your hands three times and say loudly:
"All negative energy, seen and unseen, be gone from this place!"

Hold your hands over the altar, and say:
"I invoke and call upon thee, elven magick."

Sprinkle the plant with a little water, saying:
"Blessings of the undines upon thee."

Light the incense and pass lightly over the plant, saying:
"Blessings of the sylphs upon thee."

Add a little fertilizer to the soil (following the directions on the package), and say:
"Blessings of the gnomes upon thee."

Hold the plant up to the sun, and say:
"Blessings of the salamanders upon thee."

Set the plant on the altar. Hold your hands over the leaves/flowers, and say:
"From under hill and fairy glen
from darkest forest to meadow's end
from elven mound and shining sea
fill this plant with energy.
Protect it in its time of need
bless the flower and the seed.
So mote it be!"