Blessing an Object


  • 1 white candle
  • A container of salt water
  • 1 incense stick (any will do)
  • Container of soil

Face north. Light the candle and say three times whilst passing object through the flame:
“Passed through fire, bring me my desire,
If encountered by harm, this fire shield shall disarm.”

Make sure you keep candle lit during the spell.

Face west. Now put the object in the soil and say three times:
“Powered by earth, enlightened by the soil,
All evil that harms, this object shall coil.”

Face south. Now light the incense stick and say three times whilst passing object through the smoke:
“Passed through the smoke, shielded by the this cloak,
No evil can break this shield, now it is sealed.”

Face east. Put object in the container of salt water and say three times:
“Washed in the water, shielded from slaughter,
As I wear this charm, I shall be protected from harm.”

Take out your object and put the soil in with the container of water drip some water onto candle, dip the incense in the soil and water. Seal the lid and leave out in the moonlight for a night.