Birthday Ritual


  • Markers
  • 6 candles
  • Herbs
  • Oils
  • Small crystals

The Birthday Ritual:
To begin with you must choose something as a “marker” for the Pentagram. This should be something small and plentiful — every year you will add one more. You should keep in mind that this needs to be something that will stand the test of time. Plant products, such as resin (frankincense or myrrh), berries or seeds, are not a good choice.

You will also need six candles, one for each point of the pentagram. The pentagram is said to represent the human form; the top point is your head, the side points your harms and the bottom points your feet. In this ritual, the pentagram represents you. A candle is placed at each point and in the middle. The color of the candle and how you bless it will depend on your wish (petition) for each point. The center candle is a general wish for the upcoming year. The top point represents what you want to receive spiritually this year. The right side point of the pentagram (keep in mind this will be to your left — the pentagram’s right as it faces you) represents what you wish to receive this year on a material level and the left side point represents what you pledge to give on a material level. The right bottom point represents where you wish your path to lead and the bottom point represents what you pledge to leave behind you as you go.

Personalize Your Ritual:
Take the time to plan each wish and each candle carefully. For each individual candle, choose a specific God/Goddess and select three herbs, an oil, and a very small crystal appropriate to that particular God/Goddess as well as a petition to say for each one. By using tea light candles for this ritual, the candles can be popped out of their foil container and a pinch of each herb plush the crystal are placed beneath in the foil, the candle is anointed with oil and then returned to the foil. When done this way, the flame gives an extra burst of energy right before it goes out. This part can be personalized however you choose to express your wishes. The type of candle you use and what elements you wish to use for each point is entirely up to you.

Setting Up:
Use your markers to form the outline of a pentagram — how many you will have depends on how old you are. When determining how many you need, keep in mind that you are asking for the year ahead. For example, on your thirty-second birthday, you will be making wishes for the thirty-third year of your life; therefore you will need to use thirty-three markers. Set the markers out with the top point facing north, left is to the east and right is to the west in invoking direction — start at the top to the right bottom point to left side point to right side point to bottom left point then back to top. Once you have laid out the markers, place your candles, petitions, offerings at the points.

The Ritual:
To be performed solitary! Cleanse yourself and your area; call the directions; cast your circle; call upon the God/Goddess for their blessings in your own preferred fashion. Light the candles starting with the center, then the top (be careful not to get burnt by the center candle, watch the robe sleeve), the right side, the left side, the right bottom and the left bottom. As you light each candle, state your petition (wish). Allow the candles to burn completely (Candles should burn entirely on your birthday so make sure you start early and use smaller candles — not for seven day candles). Close the ritual and allow the candles to remain burning. Once the candles have burnt out, retain the markers for next year and toss the crystals into a river.