Best Buddy Spell


  • Picture of you and your friend together
  • Suit of hearts from a deck of cards

Lay the photograph on your altar. Surround the picture with the playing cards. Lay the Ace of Hearts on top of the photo. Hold your hands over the cards, and say:
"Suit of hearts, friendship and love
Blessings from the Goddess above.
Cast away our hurt and pain
Let us be good friends again.
Help us solve all tears and woes
Bring us happiness, head to toes.
Strengthen our bond of love and respect
Remove from us all pain and neglect.
And when it's time for us to part
Let us do it from the heart
Filled with peace and joy and love
Sending blessings from above.
As I will, so mote it be
From sandy shore to shining sea!"

Leave your altar untouched until the conflict is resolved.