Belle of the Ball Beauty Spell


  • Silver bell
  • Fancy handkerchief
  • Small hand-held mirror
  • Pair of comfortable, nice-looking shoes

The best time to do this spell is on a clear night when the moon is bright.

Put on the pair of shoes. Gather together all the items and take everything outdoors. Be sure to cast this spell somewhere private where you won’t be disturbed.

Draw a magick circle of bright white light around the area in which you will be working.

Next, face the full moon, and ring the bell nine times.

Spread the handkerchief on the ground in front of you, and put the bell on top of it. Gaze at the moon for a few minutes, merging with its bright light.

Then, invoke the goddess in her lunar aspect by saying:
"Great Goddess-Mother of lunar light,
Queen of the sky and seas.
Great Lady of the starry night,
Goddess Mother of the ancient mysteries,
Hear the bell as it rings out to you,
Bless me with your beauty through and through."

Hold the mirror facing the full moon, so it reflects the moon’s light. Keeping the mirror angled toward the moon, take three steps slowly around the silver bell in a clockwise circle. As you do this, watch the reflected moonlight in the mirror shooting out over the area around you as you move. Keep moving in a clockwise circle, gradually increasing your speed, all the while watching as the moonlight fills the mirror and dances over your surroundings.

Now angle the mirror so the reflected light of silvery moon spreads over your face, body, and shoes. Breathe deeply a few times, and inhale the power of the beautiful, bright moonlight. Fill yourself to the brim with this lunar energy, and then run clockwise around the circle three times chanting these words:
"Silver ball of the moon,
By bell, mirror, and shoes,
May my beauty bloom!
As I will, make it so!"

Pick up the bell, and ring it three times. Give thanks to the moon goddess, bid farewell to the elemental powers, and pull up the circle. Bring everything back indoors.

Carry the handkerchief in your purse or pocket, and wear the shoes when you want to look and feel more beautiful.