Bank on it Money Spell


  • 2 green candles
  • A green stone
  • Amber scented oil

Draw a magick circle of white light, and then draw another circle of green light on top of the first circle. Call in the elemental powers.

Next, light the candles, dedicating them to your favorite goddess and god of prosperity, such as Boann and Dagda (Celtic) or Juno and Jupiter (Roman). Hold the stone in your hands and put three drops of scented on it. Rub the oil into the stone, and then put it in front of the candles where you can easily see it. Anoint yourself with the oil.

Merge with the Divine and fill your mind with a bright green light, the color of money. Imagine an intense flow of green light, of money and prosperity coming into your life, and allow those images and sensations to fill your mind.

Now, it’s as if you are going to actually plant your money and prosperity thought-energy into the stone. Do this by imagining a bright beam of green light moving from your forehead and your hands into the stone. Direct your feelings and every ounce of your attention into the stone. Actually allow yourself to see and sense your prosperity thought-energy and feelings being absorbed into the atomic structure of the stone. Then empower your stone by holding it in your hands, and repeating these words three times:
"Bring me money, and bring it fast
Grant me prosperity, and make it last
By the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea
As I will, so shall it be!"

Hold the stone and imagine a bright field of green energy surrounding the stone, and shooting out ten feet in all directions from it. See and sense the money stone’s field of influence a total of three times to set it in place.

When you have completed these steps, put the stone on your altar for a moment, and clap your hands together three times. Allow the candles to burn down completely, and as you gaze at their light, hold your money talisman in your receiving hand.

When you are finished, release the elements, thank the deity, and pull up the circle.

Carry your talisman in your purse or pants pocket, and enjoy the money that flows into your bank account.