Banishing Negativity from Your Home


  • 1 skein of red yarn
  • Small onion
  • Broom
  • Holy water
  • Piece of plastic

Wrap the yarn around the onion, you don’t have to use all the yarn, but enough so that the onion is thoroughly covered and, when used, will not unravel.

At dawn, stand outside facing the sun. Close your eyes and feel the warm rays on your face. Take three deep breaths and find that still point. Hold the broom and the onion ball toward the sun, and say:
“Blessings upon me, O Spirit. Instill my work with joy and harmony. Let thy golden rays fill every facet of my being. May I dance in the love of the divine.”

Begin on the top floor of the house. Scoot the ball of yarn along the floor with the broom, covering as much of the floor in the first room as possible. Repeat the following as you push the ball around with the broom:
“Love, harmony, joy, and peace. Therefore I say unto you, anything you pray for and ask, believe that you will receive it, and it will be done. Love, harmony, joy, and peace.”

As you leave the room, sprinkle a bit of holy water at the threshold. Continue to the next room. Go through the entire house in this manner. The onion and the yarn are picking up negativity as you go along. Make sure that the last room you sweep contains an outside exit. After you finish this room, open the door, and say:
“I am surrounded by the forces of divine creation — love, harmony, joy, and peace. There is no room for evil here.”

Hit the ball of yarn outside. As you watch it leave the house and fly through the air, repeat:
“Love, harmony, joy, and peace.”

Sprinkle holy water at the threshold of the exit. Push the ball out to the gutter. Pick it up with a piece of plastic then dispose of it and the plastic off your property. Sprinkle the broom brush with holy water to cleanse.