Autumn Equinox Ritual


  • Red altar cloth
  • Red candles
  • Autumn decorations
  • Bowl of fruit
  • Offerings
  • Bell
  • Cakes and ale

Note: The altar cloth and candles should be red. The Circle should be decorated with autumn flowers, acorns, gourds, pine cones, corn sheaves, etc.. A bowl of fruit (apples, pears, peaches and whatever) is on the altar. Offerings lie around the altar.

Priest/ess: "Now do we enjoy the fruits of our labors."

Covener: "Now do we celebrate the harvest."

Covener: "As we sowed in the spring, now do we reap."

Priest/ess: "Now let us pay our dues and enjoy our just rewards."

The bell is rung three times. All join hands and move slowly deosil about the Circle. A simple dance step or a light skipping step may be used, if desired. The coven goes around three times. As they move around the Priest/ess says:
"Here is the balance of Day and Night. At no point does time stand still. Ever does the wheel turn and turn again: Children are born and grow; age advances. Death will come to visit as surely as the sun doth rise. Since Death is inevitable, greet him as a friend. Remember, he it is who opens the door That leads forward into life. Life to death and death to life: Balance and harmony; ever moving on."

When the circling stops, the Priest takes up the bowl of fruit and moves around the Circle giving a fruit to each covener. At the giving there is an embrace and a kiss and the Covener says:
"I give thanks to the Gods for this sign of a joyful harvest."

Priest ends by giving a fruit to the Priestess then she, in turn, gives the last one to the Priest. The bell is rung seven times. All then sit and enjoy their fruit. At this time there can be happy conversation. When all have eaten, the bell is rung three times and all stand again.

Priest: "Although the season of plenty draws to a close, yet are the Gods ever with us. Our Lord watches over us, as does his Lady."

Priestess: "To the good seasons that have already passed."

All: "The Lord and the Lady give blessings."

Priest: "To the beauty of autumn and to those friends we treasure."

All: "The Lord and the Lady give blessings."

Covener: "Peace, joy and love to the world."

All: "To that do we give our blessings."

Priest: "How is the ground?"

All: "Well cared for."

Priestess: "How are the crops?"

All: "Beautiful and plentiful."

Covener: "What are our lives?"

All: "The harvest of the Gods."

Priest/ess: "Whilst we enjoy the fruits of our labors, the harvest of our lives, let us never forget those who are not so fortunate."

Covener: "We offer, here, a portion of our fortunes to go where it may be needed."

All: "So mote it be."

Priest/ess: "Then may the Lord and the Lady bless these offerings, bless the givers and bless those who will receive."

The bell is rung three times. Then shall follow the ceremony of Cakes and Ale. After that the Clearing the Temple is performed so that there is plenty of room for fun, games and entertainment. The evening concludes with a feast.