Aura Cleansing Spell


  • Spool of black thread
  • Lighter
  • Fire-proof bowl
  • Scissors

Wrap the free end of the thread around your hand several times. Let approximately seventeen inches unravel from the spool. Cut the thread off the spool. Wrap the free end several times around your other hand. Draw the string tight (not too tight) between your two hands. Have the sick person sit in a chair and stand behind them. Lift the string up and over their head, and then back to you three times.

Now move to your right so that you are standing beside them. Repeat the procedures. Stand in front of them and do the same thing. Stand on the other side and scrape the aura around their head again.

Another way to do this is to have the sick person lie down on a blanket or bed while you move the string up and down their body (about three inches away from them) envisioning that you are removing the negativity from the body.

When finished, burn the string or throw the string in a living body of water. You can also bury the string off of your property.