Aquarius Energy Spell


  • 13 ribbons
  • Bag of buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Music (optional)

Time: Wednesday, hour of Mercury, sun or moon in Aquarius

Set your intention clearly in your mind.

Sew as many buttons as you can onto each piece of ribbon, saving about two inches at the top of each ribbon. As you sew each button, clearly state your intention. You may wish to put on your favorite inspirational music while you work. When you have finished with all the ribbons, tie them together at the top (or sew them firmly together).

Hold your hands over your work, again stating your intention. Make the sign of Uranus and Aquarius in the air over the project.

Take the ribbon spell outside and hang from a tree in your backyard, or from a porch railing, etc. you choose the place. Again, state your intention aloud, and say:
“From heaven to Earth, from Earth to heaven, the winds circle about my desire, carrying my thoughts to the gods of the universe and returning with the gift of positive abundance. So mote it be.”

Allow the project to hang outside until your wish has been granted.