Anti-Stalker Spell


  • Picture or item belonging to the stalker

This is a very simple spell that is bound to get rid of any stalker, any one who causes harassment, or simply is being a pain in the ass.

All you need is a picture of that person. If that's not available then any thing that belongs to him/her. Or you can even choose a place where he spends most of his/her time, like the chair, couch or even the door of the house where the person lives. For the sake of reference we will call the door, the picture or what ever is chosen as the "dummy"

Summon all your hate. All your anger, all you your emotions! Let all that has been bothering you as a result of this person be replayed in your mind! Then just spit on the "dummy".

Ill luck is sure to visit this person shortly and will occupy his/her mind in such a way that he/she will no longer be a bother for you.

I repeat, remember the warning!

The curses like these are very easy to cast. They have an instant effect. If the curses are misused, they will back fire!

What ever you send out you get it back and its back times three!