Anti-Depression Spell

Note: This spell requires the daily involvement of the depressed person.

Mornings just after sunrise and evenings just before sunset are to be spent outdoors in silent meditation, eyes open, twenty to thirty minutes is good. Concentrate on your breathing, and if the weather is in climate, a spot in front of an east-facing window in the morning, west-facing in the evening. Your thoughts, if any, should be of the sun.

No more than four and no less than three nights per week, your evening meal should consist mainly of fresh shellfish — crab, shrimp, oysters, etc. Your thoughts during these meals should be of the moon and the tides.

On those mornings of the days when you are not having shellfish as your evening meals, you should begin you day with the following tea: one teaspoon feverfew tincture in alcohol (you can prepare this by soaking dried feverfew in vodka for two weeks, or buy it from an herbal store), ΒΌ teaspoon American ginseng powder, one teaspoon lemon balm, one teaspoon green tea. Pour boiling water over all of this in a Chinese tea-pot, and drink all the tea.

At least three days of the week, go for a twenty to thirty minutes walk in a quiet, outdoors, preferably wooded area. You should walk at a quick pace, and your thoughts should be on the harmony of nature, and your place in the natural world.

Avoid alcohol except very occasionally and moderately.

If this spell hasn't been effective after a month, schedule a visit to talk with your doctor.