Animal Spell for Protection


  • Statue or plastic figure of your favorite animal
  • Small amount of protection oil or holy water
  • Red votive candle
  • Bell
  • Favorite incense
  • Salt

Cast a magick circle and call the quarters. Carry the animal image around to each of the four quarters, asking for power, protection, and blessings from that quarter. Take the image to your altar and set the statue in the center. Light the incense and swirl the smoke around the image, saying:
“Smoke is the prayer of fire. I cleanse and consecrate thee in the name of the Lord and Lady.”

Light the red votive candle, and say:
“Fire is the spark of life. I invoke protection, blessings, and power, and transfer this energy into (say the name of the animal).”

Pass the candle over the statue. Sprinkle salt over the image and say:
“Life is the gift of the gods.”

Ring the bell three times over the statue, saying:
“Sound is the voice of Spirit. I infuse this image with the blessings and protection of the Lord and Lady. May I be protected night and day.”

Place the holy water or oil on the feet of the statue. Hold your hands over the statue and say nine times:
“Smoke is the prayer of fire.
Fire is the spark of life.
Life is the gift of the gods.
Sound is the voice of Spirit.”

After the ninth verse, solemnly say aloud exactly what the animal energy is to protect — your room, the contents of your locker, etc, or you can be more specific, saying exactly what you want protected. Visualize the strength and power of the animal in your mind. When you are finished, say:
“As I will, it shall be done.
Oil seals the spell.”

Thank the collective energy, close the quarters and release the circle. Place the statue pointing toward the nearest door or outside window. If you must wait to place the statue, wrap it in black cloth for transport. When you set the image in place, repeat the words of the spell softly. Do not move the statue once you’ve chosen where it should stand. Renew every three months or sooner if there is a great deal of chaos where you have placed the statue.