Angelic Charm to Break all Enchantments and Protect from Injury


  • Vial of rose water

Sit with your cat in your bedchamber under Bride's new moon, watching the stars. Have a little vial of rose water at your elbow, made holy by a blessing. Speak thus to the great angel Sophiel:
“Shining Angel Sophiel
Work for me this goodly spell,
All glamour and evil enchantments break
And guard me when I sleep and wake;
Bless my friendship with this cat.
May our hearts ne'er closeness lack.”

Take the phial of rose-water and anoint your animal friend with three drops. The cat is likely to clean herself, which is a fortunate sign.

Listen in your heart to the wisdom your friend will impart to you for you shall share many secrets, and she shall reveal unto you many things which you could learn from no other source.