An Invocation to the Goddess

Lady Empress, Nature's Queen.
Who walks alone in Land's Between.
With Masks of Gold and Darkest Gray.
As Night's own Ward and Fire's Day.
No Man or Child of Human Face,
Denies Thy Works of Ageless Grace.
Or Takes Offense to Winter's cold.
For Through Her Rest Springs Summer's Gold.

So Take My Hands by Crafted Light.
Take My Arms with Cunning Might.
Take my Voice and be My Words.
Take my Soul of Triple Thirds.
Become my Flesh and Fill my Blood.
Infuse my Bones with Mystic Flood.
And Speak We Two as Name's Invoked.
Thy Will in Me, Thy Will Invoked.

Through voices many, My names each are told.
As Dina, I hunt. As Dana, I hold.
As Fauna and Brid, Demeter and Neth.
All are eternal. Beyond even death.
In darkness I die, Though Hel I am still.
As Eris I toy, As Kali I kill.
The likeness I steal, From brother, the Sun.
His image and death, in My eyes, are one.

But through My embrace, My Children shall rise.
No sleep shall enslave, no fat can disguise.
All those among them, the weak and the strong.
The wise and the lost, to Me all belong.
And need Ye to find Me, Ye need only call.
On Sabbat or Moon, In Spring or in Fall.
My wings are the wind. My blood is the seas.
My womb is the earth. My arms are the trees.

And these Mine own gifts to all I bestow.
Of Magick and Sight, to cure and to grow.
But mark Ye this well, when dark aims invade.
From the evil of heart My teachings soon fade.
So go Ye in love, and take what Ye need.
My flesh be Thy feast, though take not with greed.
And those of the Wise whose beckon I know.
May Balance preserve thee, above and below.