Amulet for Discernment


  • Small amount of clay
  • Sharp pencil or pen

Flatten the clay into a disk the size of a fifty-cent piece. Inscribe your initials on one side with the pen or pencil. Write the words Karma and the name of Spirit or your patron deity on the other side. Follow the instructions on the clay package — some clay can air dry, others require baking — to harden the clay.

In a magick circle, cleanse, consecrate, and bless the amulet, asking that protection and wisdom surround you whenever you carry it in your pocket or purse. Follow this by saying:
"I let go of time and space
And connect with love and infinite grace
The perfection of (God or Goddess).
I join with Spirit
I am part of the One!
I conceive the form (intent)
I remove error
I accept success (intent)
With the power of unlimited creativity
My word is done.
So mote it be."