All-Purpose Pentacle Spell


  • Construction paper
  • Pen
  • Incense to match your intent
  • Scissors
  • Cellophane tape
  • Bowl of water

Draw a large star on the construction paper and cut it out. Write your desire in the center of the star.

In a magick circle, begin with your hand in the air over your head, as if you are reaching up to grab something. Then, as you recite the charm, lower your arm and touch the points of the star in a clockwise direction (to draw something toward you) or counterclockwise (to push something away from you).

Repeat the following charm three times:
“From the heavens to the ground
Stars above send energy down.
Earth and air, fire and water
Soul of man, son and daughter.
Circle round without an end
Evil flees and time will bend.
Star of power, points aflame
Unify in Goddess’ name!”

Beginning with the top point, fold each point clockwise toward the center of the star. Tape to secure. Carry in your pocket or purse until your desire has manifested.

Be sure to say thank you and burn, scattering the cool ashes in the wind.