Acne Removal Spell


  • Pen and paper
  • Illuminator candles
  • Fire-safe container
  • Quartz crystal
  • Bowl of water
  • White cloth
  • White candle

Draw an ugly monster on the piece of paper and write the name "My Acne" under it. When you are don with the drawing, clearly state, while looking at the paper:
"You represent my acne!"

Light the illuminator candles, cast your circle and call the quarters, then ask deity to help you banish your acne. Place the acne monster drawing on the center of your altar. Hold your hands over the paper, and say:
"May you now be consumed as a coal upon the hearth. May you shrink as dung upon a wall. And may you dry up as water in a pail. May you become as small as a linseed grain, and much smaller than the hipbone of an itch-mite, and may you become so small that you become nothing, never to abide in me again!"

With a flourish, burn the paper in a fire-safe container, saying:
"By the power of the Lord and Lady, I banish thee from my life-force!"

If you are not allowed to burn things in the house, then tear the picture into teeny-tiny pieces, repeating the words "I banish thee" as you work.

Place an empowered quartz crystal in a bowl of clear water. Hold your hands over the water, and say:
"I conjure thee, O holy liquid of earth and water, by the moon, sun, and stars, in the name of the Lord and Lady, to transmute into healing energy, so that as this water touches my body, my skin will recover and heal. So mote it be."

In your mind, see the water filling with brilliant white light. With a clean, white cloth, dab the water on the afflicted area. As you do this, envision your skin covered with the pure white light of healing energy, taking your time. When you are finished, close your eyes and visualize yourself without acne.

Light the white candle, sit back, and say:
"O my mother, Great Goddess of the Heavens
She who is found in the primordial waters of the midnight sky
Who gives birth each day to the glowing sun
And lights the path before me
With the shimmering light of the moon,
Stretch your protective arms over me
And enfold me with thy healing energy.
At whose feet lies eternity
And whose hand contains the Always
Bless me, thy daughter/son, in thy name.
So mote it be."

Take a deep breath, ground and center, and thank deity. Release the quarters and the circle. Throw the ashes of the defunct acne monster to the winds outdoors. Allow the white candle to continue burning, or put the candle out and light each night, repeating the blessing until either the acne is gone or the candle has been completely burned.

Follow through with positive self-thought. Reject any negative thoughts about yourself or your skin condition.