A Spell to Protect Your House

This quick-to-cast, very simple spell places a protective shell around the house by using one ingredient — the power of your own mind. Before you cast it, enjoy a warm bath fragranced with your favorite essential oil.

Now simply sit quietly, as relaxed as you can be, and bring a picture of your house or apartment into your mind. Focus on this for a moment or two before seeing a ring of light encircle the ground around it. Now see the light grow upwards, forming a protective ring around your home and watch as it comes together over your roof, enveloping your entire house with its protection. If suitable words come to mind, it does no harm to say them, but this is not necessary. Those who follow Egyptian deities such as Hathor or Mut should visualize a protective pyramid rather than a ring.

Whenever you leave the house unoccupied no matter for how long, bring to mind the picture of your house surrounded all around by its shining shell and you can relax, knowing that your property is duly protected.