A Spell to Help You Eat Less and Become Healthy


  • Yellow candle with holder
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender oil
  • Small garnets, carnelian or turquoise stone
  • Small jar with lid or plastic bag that seals
  • Picture of yourself healthy

Time: Sunset on a waning moon (full to new moon)

Charge yellow candle with desired goal and place in holder. As you light the candle, visualize yourself passing on second helpings of food, small portions on your plate and looking healthy and physically fit.

Charge rose petals, oil and stones. Sprinkle petals around candle, again visualize your goal.

Place the charged garnet stones and a few drops of oil into the jar or bag. As you do this visualize again.

Then pick up the petals and place them into the jar or bag also. Seal the jar or bag and say:
"By this jar/bag of powered oil, petals and stones, it will bring me courage and help me meet my goal to not eat or snack as much and become healthier."

Visualize yourself becoming healthier and moving the weight on the scale to the left.

Carry this jar or bag with you and sniff charged items before eating. Rub the charged carnelian or turquoise on the picture of yourself then rub onto your body while visualizing yourself become the you in the picture. Say:
"In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects. So mote it be!"

Carry the stone with you and rub it when you have the urge to snack or eat too much.

Hang the picture up in your kitchen to view.

Allow the candle to burn for another hour then snuff it out and put away. Burn it whenever you need the moral support.