A Ritual of Thanks


  • 1 blue candle
  • 3 kernels unpopped corn
  • 2 apple cut on the cross, showing the pentagram inside

Set altar facing East.

Light your candle with the following words:
“Great Goddess, Lady of the Summerlands, Mother to us all. I welcome you to this place of power and offer thanks to you for what you have given me. I am a priestess of your path and I see with your eyes. You guide me in the lessons I must learn.”

Put the bottom half of the apple in front of you. Charging the three kernels of corn between your hands, say:
"As the Maiden is ripe with potential, so is my life.
As the Mother gives birth, so do my thoughts.
As the Crone nourishes life, so do I nourish mine.”

Place the kernels in the center of the core-pentagram and melt wax from your candle to cover them. Replace the top of the apple while the wax is till warm. Let the apple sit on your altar for three days and nights. Remove wax token and bury apple. The wax token can remain on your altar for as long as you wish.