A Ritual of Alchemy


  • Jar (or other container)
  • Dirt
  • Dried rose petals
  • Nitre (saltpeter)
  • Water
  • Dead matter (dried leaves, grass, etc.)

Place dirt in the cauldron or pot saying:
"I place this dirt into the cauldron as a bed for the seeds we will plant in spring. Gracious Goddess and God, bless and consecrate this earth that it bring forth abundance."

Place the Dried Rose Petals into the cauldron saying:
"I place dried petal into the cauldron that the smell will remind us of the changing winds that stir up life. Gracious Goddess and God, bless and consecrate this air that it bring about change for growth."

Put some Nitre into the cauldron saying:
"I place nirte into the cauldron to fire up the energy lying dormant in the seeds this spring. Gracious Goddess and God, bless and consecrate this fire that it may release stored energy."

Pour some water in the mixture (just to dampen the materials) saying:
"I pour water into the cauldron to dissolve and transmute the materials within, ever remembering that water is life and is the life blood of the Mother. Gracious Goddess and God, bless and consecrate this water that may truly be the Universal Solvent."

Stir the cauldron saying:
"I stir this cauldron that the elements within be mixed, that they may combine and exchange essences in order that our work be done. Gracious Goddess and God, bless our work tonight. And as the elements transmute to another form, grant that we also be transmuted into a greater form."

Dip out the mixture and place it in a jar (fill to about ½ to 2/3 full).

Write an action or condition to be transmuted by Ostara on a slip of paper. Consecrate and charge the paper and place it into the jar with the mixture. It is to stay in the jar.

Other items that may be added to the mixture at a later date are:

Hair, nail clippings, menstrual blood, semen or other items personally from the individual. Ashes from ceremonial fires, especially from the Yule log, a small amount of candle wax, incense, or other items found at special times and/or special places. Food (sparingly). A small crumbled piece of Sabbat Cake, a bit of the wine, small pieces of egg shell, tea, 'grounds', etc.

In the spring, the jar should contain transmuted matter to be used to bless seeds planted on Ostara.