A Prayer to Artemis

Maiden Midwife, Goddess of Birth and Nurturing,
Lady who eases forth safe deliveries,
beloved Artemis, please hear my prayer tonight.

Full of Flame and Faith, Tears and Trust,
I call upon you to ease open the Womb of Creation without pain,
without exhausting life, in those creatures who are in dear need of your healing hands upon their pregnant belly, soothing their delivery,
guiding them into the lush light of safety,
please let yourself be known to them,
let them be comforted by your presence,
let them find cool relief from birthing pains under your protective shade,
fill them with care and calm,
fill them with the pure precious light of your love,
beloved Artemis, you who are the Virgin Nurturer and Divine Midwife,
may you always be the guardian to those who call for your aid when in the long labors of birthing life,
you are their protective and nurturing Maiden Mother, and mine too,
so please hear this prayer.