A Healing Spell


  • Green candle

Cast circle. Begin by saying:
“Lady and Lord, we ask that You aid us in the healing of (illness/injury/etc).”

Take the green candle and place your dominant hand on the candle while seeing a white-green light moving from your heart chakra to the your hand then to the candle. While doing so, chant as many times over as necessary:
“Healing — Love — Courage — Strength —”

Once you've raised the energy, kiss the candle to seal it. Then place it back into the holder. While, or before, lighting the candle, say:
“This candle here is infused with our healing and love. As this candle burns, our energy shall be sent to (ill person).”

Light the candle.

“Lady and Lord, I ask that You look over and protect (person) in his/her time of need. Give him/her the strength he/she needs to make it through. So mote it be!”

Have a moment of silence. If anything comes to mind, voice it.

End ritual as usual, leaving the candle lit.