A Grounding Ritual

Visualize a cord extending from the base of your spine into the center of the earth. Align yourself along this cord. Breathe from your center — from the diaphragm and your stomach. Feel the energy flow from the earth and fill you.

Do this for a few moments, then imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree and from its base, roots extend straight into the earth into the very center of the earth herself. Now you can draw power up from the earth with each breath. Feel the energy rising up through your spine. Feel yourself becoming more alive with each breath.

Visualize branches that sweep up and back down to touch the earth; these are coming from your crown. Feel the power burst from the crown of your head, and the power sweeping down toward the earth again where it completes a circuit, then returning to its source. Feel these branches intertwine together, blowing in the wind.

Now, after you have raised all of this energy and used it for your ritual, there is still a great deal of power running through you. Every time such power is raised, it must also be earthed. Earthing is another form of grounding. If this is not done, the force you feel as vitalizing energy degenerates into nervous tension and irritability. In the final step before opening the circle we ground all excess energy. A good place to send it to is back to the Earth herself. Here is how:

Sink to the ground and relax. Place your palms flat on the ground or just lie flat on the ground (floor). Keep what energy you need and let the rest sink through you into the Earth. Visualize the energy flowing down to the ground. Relax, and let the energy flow out of you — deep into the earth from whence it came. Relax and let yourself drift peacefully.