A Brief Prayer

When you see the moon at night for the first time:
Lady Moon, of fairest light,
Who is (Maiden/Mother/Wise One/Hidden) on this night:
I lift my eyes to gaze at Thee;
I bare my soul for Thee to see.

(A moment of quiet communing with the moon)

To bind myself, I make the Sign,
For, Lady, I am ever Thine. (With hand to forehead)
Make my thoughts like Thy bright rays, (Hand to lips)
And guide my words for all my days; (Hand over heart)
In my heart Thy harmony grow, (Hand just above genitals)
And from my flesh (Thy power/Life-Power) flow.
Lady, grant me birth, life, death, and rest,
And all beneath Thy (light/gaze) be blessed.