3x3 Spell


  • Black candle
  • Small spool of cotton twine
  • Lamp oil
  • Deep dish
  • Sand
  • Athame

This spell is best performed outdoors during the third quarter of the moon.

Using the knife/athame, inscribe the name of the person, or word symbolizing the negative situation you are experiencing, near the bottom of the candle.

Place the candle between your palms and breathe on the candle three times. With each breath, imagine you are exhaling the negativity you have received onto the candle.

Take the cotton twine, and tie it around the base of the candle so that at least two feet of twine hangs from the knot. Begin tightly coiling the twine around the candle in a counter-clockwise direction. While doing so visualize a giant, protective, mirrored egg surrounding you and repeatedly chant:
“Three time three, as ye have sown
Is thine to reap, thy harvest grown.
For best, for worst, for praise or chide,
The Gods alone your fate decide!”

Continue wrapping the candle with the twine until you have spiraled to the top, covering every bit of candle. Loop the twine, trying it in a knot to one of the coils at the top near the wick.

Next, take the oil and liberally smear the twine and candle with it — cover every inch of the entwined candle.

Pour the sand into the dish and then wedge the candle into the sand so that it stands erect, then light it on fire.

Watch as the candle melts away, knowing that the magickal attack has been deflected.